We allocate for our clients’ projects the best teams and we implement tested workflows and processes in order to build fast, maximize profits and reduce risk in real estate development process.

Our services are being delivered by dedicated specialists such as project managers, construction managers, cost control managers, planning engineers, legal counselors and certified site inspectors.

Project Management

We deliver full services of project, cost and construction management for our clients’ real estate development projects.

Cost Management

We ensure a proper and wise project resources utilization on the real estate development process. We provide planning, monitoring and controlling of costs in order to fulfill the completion of the project within the established budget.

Construction Management

We provide all technical management services dividing the entire project on a multiple works packages basis and managing individual specialized contractors employed by the client, from incipient phase until completion.

General Design Management

We are constantly looking for ideas and solutions to optimize each project costs. We make sure that the design strategy and the activities carried out are in line with the entire project strategy.

Contracts & Claims Management

We administer all the suppliers’ contracts to obtain a balanced relationship between Client and Contractors and we manage contract terms and conditions in order to ensure the correct progress of Contract and Works of the project.

Contractor Procurement

We undertake the full range of procurement services from prequalification questionnaires, contractor assessment and selection, produce tender documentation including bills of quantities, specifications, employer’s requirements, contract forms and contract specifications, tender evaluations, negotiations and contract awards.

Planning & Programming Management

We ensure the monitoring of the project progress and we offer recommendations and solutions for reducing time of project activities.

Certified Site Supervision

We provide site inspection services that ensure the quality control on site and also of the technical procedures, materials, plans and documents related to the development of the project in order to be in full compliance with the legal norms.

Risk Management

We identify the risks that can negatively impact the project, we find solutions to control, diminish or eliminate them and we identify opportunities that can raise the efficiency of the project.

Technical Due Diligence

We analyze the technical characteristics and identify all the risk of a property in order to present a complete image of the technical and physical condition of the asset.

General Contracting

We are responsible for providing all materials, equipment and services necessary for the construction of the project and we employ specialized subcontractors to carry out all construction work, being responsible for quality supervision of all work performed.

Project Monitoring

We provide lenders reliable information on a monthly bases of the overall status of their project by observing progress, quality of works, deficiencies, the schedule deviations, conformance with approved plans and specifications. We certify to the financial institutions that the investment is sustainable and that funding is properly used.