SENARIA offers to our investment partners the opportunity to be part of future real estate projects conducted by us,
without their active involvement in the development or asset management phase, projects carried out in residential,
industrial, or commercial field having the end purpose of selling or renting. Our specialised teams evaluate in detail the market opportunities as well as the off-market ones to find land plots or abandoned properties. Once the properties are identified, we validate them through the process of technical due diligence, we purchase, authorise, build, and sell or rent the completed properties.


We organize capital raising rounds from passive investors for carrying out real estate investment projects, through an offering of issue premiums from special purpose vehicles created for those projects exact.

The projects financing is partially realized through capital raising from passive investors, following that the rest of the amount necessary for completing the project will be obtained from bank financiers or private investment funds.
SENARIA is always investing right alongside the passive investors in all the projects conducted by our companies.


SENARIA aims various types of real estate investments in the residential, industrial, or commercial sector, depending on the market supply and demand for that type of product, the existing inventory, job growth, people growth and a plenty  of other fundamentals.

The projects are financed by passive investors groups that are holding stock ownership of legal entities dedicated 

to financing and development of real estate projects (SPV).


The minimum investment of each investor is €50.000, and the total amount required to start the process varies depending on the project proposed for development or the property intended for purchase.

The amount accumulated from all participating investors, necessary to start each investment project carried out by us, will dictate the financing strategy adopted – with or without bank financing.


We evaluate the land or the property, necessary equity, debt percentage, potential risks, area demographics, yield and others.


We present to our pool of investors the current opportunity and identify every investor’s equity financial contribution.


Once the business is vetted, investors are secured, and the property is purchased.


We develop the project on that land plot or fix what we found damaged in the properties bought, physically and operationally. Meaning general design, building the new property, landscaping, and selling - project developments, or renovations, new management, more efficient processes, and a transformation into a property that increases in value and offers predictable rent - property acquisitions.


Our investors receive predictable cash flow from monthly rent and a property with an increasingly value which will be reaped when the property will be sold.
Passive monthly income or capital accumulation is the goal of many investors and syndicated real estate investing with SENARIA is a way to that goal.



Is this risky?
Any investment carries risk. While we cannot guarantee anything, real estate (and acquiring real estate properties), has proven to be amongst the safest investments available. Remember: rent is almost always rising, and the real estate development projects tend to bring the greatest yields in real estate field. Our daily project management team’s implication in managing multiple clients’ projects and also our connections with various specialized people from the entire real estate domain helps us uncovering devalued assets and turning them into desirable ones or developing the exact products that the market rewards best. That is why we sincerely believe that “build and sell” and “buy and hold” strategies are the best ways to invest that we can propose to our investment partners. And we are also investing right alongside them.

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